Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Bells 2010 and the oil...

This is our family on the last day of our annual vacation in Gulf Shores!  We had a great time and Mac's great-granny even braved the trip with us and was so much fun!  We couldn't make it to the sand with the camera because there was a thunderstorm looming and sprinkling on us for this picture, so this was outside our patio door. 

This begins the BP oil disaster pictures.  All of these are from only one day, Sunday, June 13th when the tar washed up the worst.  The rest of the week we did enjoy the water, and hope that this crisis will not linger too long.  You will see effects here.
The shoreline.
This is best described as melted tootsie rolls on the sand, that stick to your feet, buckets, chairs, etc.  Yucky. 

See?  Tootsie Rolls is the kinder description....

We saw more dead crabs on the sand this year than ever.  Coincidence? 
An oily feather. 
The clean up crews were out most every day, and this was the scene to the immediate left of our shade tent. 
It is amazing to see all the life that the Lord has created to expand further and deeper than we can know.  And in turn, amazing to see how humanity can mess it up.  Our prayers are with and for the gulf coast and its and out of the sea.


Ashley S. said...

Hey Amy! So funny...we were down there the same time! We got there on the 14th and left on the 19th. But we stayed on the Ft. Morgan peninsula about 15 minutes from the main beach of Gulf Shores. We heard they had quite a bit of oil one day but it's so crazy b/c we were totally clear but only 15 miles away! I'm surprised I didn't run into you b/c we were shopping in Gulf Shores everyday!

Hicks Family said...

We were actually in PC then too. thankfully, our beach had no oil. Sorry, hope you still had a good vacation.